Metal Wall Art Creations

Traditional… Old iron designs, my favorite kind of metal wall art. That attractive European ironwork that was prevalent in architecture, and metal wall decor. Whether it was forged or cast, the shapes and textures of the pieces were beautiful. Ornamental pallets of steel, featuring delicate scroll-work and bold floral characters. You can still find these types of metal objects being created today, in wall accent pieces, such as mirror frames, and stand alone wall art.  A simple,  but pretty decorative iron grille can help combine a nice look to your wall design.

Color and texture… With today’s new paint finishes, the color on these metal wall art creations are more vibrant and appealing, especially the modern styles. Geometric abstract forms seem to blend well with the brilliant paint schemes. Some artisans are using single sheets of sheet metal, cutting in various shapes and sizes, then focusing most of there attention on the surface detail. A mixture of patina and paint techniques can really project a stunning image.


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