peacock wall art

Owning wall arts need not be an expensive endeavor, especially for homeowners on a meager budget. If you are especially creative and you want to give your home that personal touch of the artistic, you might want to consider making your own paper mache wall decals.

Papier mache, as it is more correctly spelled – involves the creation of objects using wet paste and paper or paper pulp that are glued together layer by layer on a mold. It is then left to dry in the air so that it will harden. Once the paper mache is hard, you can paint it any way you like. If you are not familiar with paper mache, take a closer look at the piñata for your child’s birthday. It is made from paper mache.

There are many types of wall designs that you can create through the process of paper mache. Since we mentioned the piñata earlier, yes, you can make animal wall design. In these types of designs, you can use old animal-shaped cookie cutters to make cute wall arts. Or you can make large molds of animal heads – much like the stuffed animals that hunters have made – and then mount them on a Styrofoam or wood base.


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